Sunday, July 9, 2017

"Service Animals" + "Support Animal"

Shoulda added more dogs...this one needs an extra shot of exaggeration. Or at least I look at an awful lot of life like that. Not that you can ever grow truly bored with reality as far as inspiration. Unless you are consigned to wander the limbo of a warehouse style supermarket, in which case the mind will definitely wander.

I've had numerous encounters with folks and their companion critters in the capacity of making sure they are legitimate. A lot of legal restrictions apply - moreso on the part of the questioner as opposed to much management of service animals. Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous people who make it worse for the legitimate cases, of which there are a range.

I kept wondering what happens when irresistible force meets immovable object in the scenario of someone who is either allergic to or traumatically scared by dogs.

And then there's the matter of cats... yeah, not exactly support or service...

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