Saturday, June 10, 2017

Fairbanks Sketchers: Gone to the Dogs + Going to Church

Here's some doodles + pics from last month’s fabulous, fun & furry Fairbanks Sketchers meetup @ the Tanana Valley Kennel Club’s dog show. Definitely a unique venue “fur” drawing such an amazing range of different people + pets…

The day we went was Sunday, the weekend's big finish with the best-of-breeds winners all lined up for the final showdown... Basset hound won the day! It was the first ever dog show I’ve been to… just amazed at the range of different breeds on display – and just how professional + serious everybody was – even the dogs.

Well, obviously SOME of us weren’t so serious… but there was a veritable cornucopia of inspiration on display.

Never petted so many pooches in my life… and every single one was a splendid example of the best of their respective breeds… also the #3 ranked Akita in the whole country was in-house! We commented on the observation of how very impressive it was to see the sheer numbers of dogs in attendance all together in one place - with virtually no barking and no fighting between all the different breeds. Now if only humans could get along so well...

Along with finding some interesting scrap paper to doodle on, I mulled over the old adage that owners look just like their pets...

…or is it more the case that opposites attract?

Bitches be like “Yo dawg… I don’t get it”

The next meetup will be on Friday, June 16th from 4-6pm at yet another sacred, historic landmark in downtown Fairbanks: the Immaculate Conception Church.

Meta: All related backposts here on Ink & Snow are now all under a new "Fairbanks Urban Sketchers" tag for easy perusing, plus here's a link to the group's official Facebook Event Page and the group's Flickr pool collection as well (and here's my own personal Google+ portfolio of Urban Sketches).

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