Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Road Trip" (and Atticus the Omnipresent Edtor)

Only been able to take a few extended road trips this season... usually reminded of the Bird-Dog's habit of sticking her head out of the window, and the attendant pin-striping of drool down the vehicle. Always wonder when seeing other folk's animals doing the same thing if it's the nasal equivalent of speed-reading for an air sniffer.

Speaking of the many endearing habits of pets, this particular panel had the bonus editorial assistance from the omnipresent editor who supervises the studio. And yes, cleaning up a cat's paw from India ink is just about as fun as it sounds.

As alluded to in the previous post, it's been a challenging summer what with the workload and numerous other speed-bumps thrown up along the way. One of which has been the discomfiting scenario of not having a studio since we migrated back out to digs in the community of Ester. Which was three freakin' months ago now... first-world problems and all but there's nothing quite so disruptive to an artist who tends to work in an established routine, if not the least in a settled environment. But slowly and surly surely the new studio is taking shape, and the compost-heap of material has been steadily growing and ripening away just in time for the fall harvest. There'll be quite the catch-up series of posts recapping many of the awesome events + experiences coming up sooner than later. In the meantime... back to herding cats!

"Please Paws"

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