Sunday, June 12, 2016

"Kittie Facts" + Bonus Atticus

Yeah... unapologetic about my instinct now when interacting with a couple other like-minded/feline-inclined fellow artists to whip out the iPad with all the new pictures. I've looked at enough baby pictures all my life it's time for some fair + balanced.

The Most Interesting Cat in the World sez: “I don’t always exhibit an interest in your art… but when I do, it’s when the ink is still wet.”

Soon... The insolence of the feline persuasion is a hallmark of the species, often to their detriment. This observation borne from the experience of having integrated households with both dogs and cats over the years.

Local feed store find: I’d really, really like to see someone “creating a calming effect” by putting one of these on a cat. Guessing that’s why they had to rely on an artist’s interpretation for the packaging. Or maybe it’s just an S&M thing (as in Squirrels & Mice).

Nom nom nom... RAWR

Speaking of muzzling and nuzzling, Atticus has developed a habit distinctly different from any other critter I've had: he can get quite insistent on grooming the goatee, which is of course no end of amusement during supposed quality snuggle-time.


Given the amount of time spent in the studio he has certainly begun to take his editorial duties seriously, and his input + perspective is at least endearing, if not always appreciated. Having an omnipresent overlord constantly monitoring the process makes for no small amount of pressure to perform. At least lay off all the dog cartoons and concentrate on a more fitting subject matter.

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Here we have a couple rare photographs of the elusive Couch Panther… known habitat includes tree branches above game paths in the forest where it stealthily lies in wait for… for unsuspec… mmm… zzz

The “new spot of the week” directly over my head on the couch… had no idea that snores come in orange... (painting by Ian Burcroff)


  1. Daisy used to groom my beard. I don't miss the beard, but I miss the attention.

    1. The only part of "well-groomed" that ever really matters...