Saturday, May 7, 2016

National Cartoonists Day!

Well, day before yesterday actually. But then, everyday is cartoonists day for a cartoonist. Not sure about the official rules, but I think that's when you buy your favorite punster their favorite beverage? Seriously though, the event celebrates the first full-color appearance of the seminal character created by Richard F. Outcault (1863-1928) which made its first full-color debut on May 5th, 1895.
“At The Circus in Hoogan’s Alley” The Clown – Ladies and gents, please note der marvelous grace wid which Herr Svengeli sweeps troo der paper disc – please keep yer seats fur next comes Madame Sans Jane der champion bare- (I mean dog-back) rider of der world.
For more history on the feature, read this New York Times article, and peruse the archive of high-resolution scans via Ohio State University's Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum and Library here. Hat-tip to Zinc Comics creator Brian Payne for the reminder - CHEERS!

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