Sunday, April 3, 2016

"Qiviut Blowdry" + Memed: I Am Yup'ik

Posting this particular panel as one of the few examples that I have to admit from a personal perspective was a total failure. This is to say every so often my execution of a concept doesn't quite match up with the "vision," hence one of the reasons I will always relate to the struggles of Beginning Drawing students who quite often have issues realizing what they see in their mind with what comes out the other end of a pen. This is fortunately a rare occurrence, or else I'd be one of those stereotypically frustrated artists, but what with my experience + perspective my frustrations have nothing to do with art per say.

Case in point here being the failure to adequately render the texture of the blown-dried fur to a visual consistency that I wanted to achieve. And as per the previously mention experience + perspective I recognized that the two different takes - one relying more on digital, the other pen + ink, weren't as effective as the original doodle done in ballpoint pen, but again, realized either one of 'em "did the job" as it were.

At least enough so that I could give up and move on, having filed that little nugget of knowledge away for future reference. This even abandoning the (comparatively for a cartoonist) extensive cultural research for one variant on the captions. As with other speed-bumps, chalk it all up to a learning curve that will span the whole rest of life I guess.

I have to say that this was by far the coolest appropriation of one of my cartoons I've yet to come across on-line. They are a really cool community, and it's little things like this that reaffirm one of my personal art manifestos: obscurity is a matter of relative perspective, as somebody somewhere will make a special connection with one's work in some way. Sharing is good.

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