Sunday, April 24, 2016


Call it a cartoonists' cartoon, a meta commentary on the old-school comic books of yore. Sadly yet another example of targeting a relatively obscure demographic - that of folks who will not only remember the specific advertisement being referenced, but also who happen to be up on their Alaskan slang (possible Inupiaq pejorative for "arrogant person" derived from Russian "cossack"). Every once in a while I allow myself to put one out there that will most assuredly make nobody else smile but me. Unfortunately indulging in the luxury of such solipsism dooms a work of commercial art, which like any mass-market comedian must appeal to the lowest common denominator for success and popularity. Good thing neither one is my goal in life, but "getting even some day" is still within the realm of possibility with the bullies that are out there.


  1. :-D I got it before the explanation.

    1. Knowing you're out there really really makes a big difference sometimes...