Sunday, March 6, 2016


More from the intermittent, ongoing series of mushing-related panels. Again this particular one initially came from the pages of the omnipresent sketchbook, and I worked up the requisite doodle into a pen & ink piece, which was in turn scanned for the linework to get digitally treated into the published variation appearing in print.

Afterwards I did a wash version as a classroom demo, which, more often than not these days seems to be somewhat better aesthetically speaking, than the newspaper panel.

Fatbiking has really taken off as a legitimate craze here in this neck of the woods. Always makes me think of one of my nicest rides way back in the day, when I commuted from the cabin on a Kona Muni-Mula that was outfitted with early prototypes of the modern fatbike tires + rims: the classic Snowcats from the now-defunct All Weather Sports in Fairbanks. These days it's quite the obsessive outdoor hipster phenomenon...

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