Saturday, February 13, 2016

Flickr Invasion + Fairbanks Sketchers III

Smörgåsbord of sketches from last month's meetup

Fairbanks Sketchers (check out our Flickr site + Facebook page), the budding group of artists who meet informally to do on-site drawings at various locations around Fairbanks (previously posted about here), is slated to occupy Silver Gulch Brewery out in Fox this Wednesday evening, from 5pm - 8pm. Here's the sketch group's Facebook Event page for more info.

Pictured here is my piece from the Ursa Major Distilling session - excellent libations + creative juices, not to mention some interesting art on display. Ostensibly as part of setting up the Fairbanks Sketchers page on Flickr, I went ahead and started colonizing over there with some of my own portfolios: Drawings + Sketches, Logos + Graphic Art… oh and yeah, a classic “Cartoons”sampler - which might be interesting from the standpoint of it being my own personal top 100.