Sunday, January 31, 2016

"AK Genie"

I'm actually reminded of this wonderful, regional phenomenon pretty much on a weekly basis during the depths of winter, as the back door to the cabin is right off the kitchen, so it's a routine annoyance to grab the brass doorknob with a wet hand while dumping the slopbucket after doing dishes. If not briefly alarming on its own, it's a fair indicator of the temperature outside depending on how long your skin sticks.

I also hold this panel up as an example of how the aesthetic pendulum can quickly swing back in the opposite direction, as more often than not my tendency is to go with the wash variation over the digitally shaded one for the print version to run in the paper. That said using the water-based medium lends itself quite handily to messing up (particularly under pressure in public while doing classroom demos). But then it serves a secondary purpose in pointing up the win-some/lose-some mentality that's an absolute must when making art. Instead of throwing a fit, which I suppose is a stereotype of the tempestuous creative personality, like a lot of things it's better to laugh it off. That is, unless it's stuck to something.


  1. Lol, I've cringed at a quick turn of the door handles around here long enough this cartoon makes me wince. Ouch!

    1. Yah - pretty much a rite of passage to leave a little piece of yourself on a doorknob somewhere over the course of a winter...