Sunday, December 27, 2015

"Gettin' Old" + Never Too Late: Kirby & Foster

This one made a few of my elder acquaintances wince when I test-marketed it at the cafe. "A little too close to home there Jamie" was one of the comments. Long as it's followed by a laugh... and I think the older folks get, the more there is to laugh at in the world. To speak nothing of one's own personal life.

Went straight to the scanner with this one, but I kinda messed it up by experimenting with adding a few touches of grayscale using the computer. Now it's tipped over into looking too Photoshoppy as the digital aesthetic overwhelms the look and feel of the raw sketch.

Speaking of gettin' old: This shot of The King was passed around a while back, but I've kept a copy on the desktop for quite a while, as it is an appropriate reminder given my own, ah, personal perspective on the topic (the big five-oh no less). Back to the proverbial drawing board...

Speaking of which, here is a picture of Kirby's 10' "Dungeon" with his humble setup:

Update: friend sent me another outstanding example... here's to hitting one's stride!

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