Saturday, November 21, 2015

B-Day Doodles + "Salfie"

Some bonus overflow crossposted from The Book of Faces: as of late I've begun a somewhat random campaign of posting imagery in comment threads. For one example, earlier in the season a friend was bemoaning the apparent proclivity of folks who combine the ubiquitous selfie with fishing pics: a surefire win/win scenario for any Alaskan.

On a more serious note: I quite often get inspiration from all the wonderful images and links that show up in my news feed. One of the challenges I try and do is to spontaneously whip up a little wash or doodle within a matter of minutes, sometimes to say happy birthday or leave as a visual comment or whatever.

It's the on-line equivalent of actually sitting down and writing a real handmade letter, something that's fast becoming as much of an anachronism as the bygone art of handwriting, or at least a legible variation thereof.

There's so much visual clutter as a result of the ubiquitous clip-art and memes that proliferate the web that anything hand-drawn sticks out in the same fashion as it does on any bulletin board around town.

Speaking of mailing letters, I recently purchased some "Forever Stamps." I must say that the awful adhesive traditionally utilized by the postal service has somewhat improved: it tastes much better now, though it doesn't stick worth a damn anymore.

And so hat-tip/tail-slap to Jeanne, Ellen, Jen, Abel, Robin and Mike + everybody else I missed.

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