Friday, July 10, 2015

Runie: "Do All Your Thinking In This Box"

From Day #2 of the Cartoon & Comics Art course (now in it's ninth year): my Advanced students gave presentations of their work to the rest of the students + outlined their independent projects that they’ll be producing over the next six weeks. Once again there's some truly outstanding talent + creative effort on display that’s really inspirational to see firsthand - while setting the bar high for all the rest of us in the class. So much in fact that even after being up on campus for 8-10 hours, I still go home and... draw. And then get up early before classes and... draw. You get back what you put in.

Also check out this Tumblr page from one of my students: "Do All Your Thinking In This Box." Runie has a really great series of drawings, sketches, characters and ongoing works-in-progress for her many projects, both in-class and out. Added to the roster of local folks over on the sidebar - love it!

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