Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wild Arts Walk/Quick Draw 2015

   Bookending last weekend's post on the annual fundraising event for the Friends of Creamer’s Field, I was very pleased to be a participant for the most recent “Wild Arts Walk” and concurrent "Quick Draw." This is a benefit that supports many educational activities at one of our community’s special places. I manned a table and peddling wares alongside other painters, watercolorists, weavers + spinners, potters, carvers + craftspeople for the majority of the afternoon, excepting the hour off for the main event.
   Though I "failed" in not meeting a self-imposed goal of completing two pieces for the auction (falling just five minutes short on a second panel), I did mange to bang out a nice one that'll do double-duty as a Nuggets panel at some point later this summer. Plus what with all the incessant timed in-class exercises I subject my own students to, it's nice to show off a little by stepping up to the plate and demonstrate how it's done. The process is familiar as it's a habit to immediately start working on a new panel while the ink is drying on the last one, which sets up a nice system of swinging from vine to vine... pencil to ink to color stages are all different balls to juggle when in production mode. Not really all that different from the studio, aside from all the onlookers:

Top: Ticking clock under the tent: Bottom: The unadvertised "Feral Arts Walk" portion of the trail.

    Bonus in that it didn't rain - no lampreys either for that matter - though I did wind up with a massive case of sunstroke. Still, no complaints, especially given that over my history attending the event I've sat in everything from snow to storm. And there seemed to be a real good turnout of folks, especially lots of families with inquisitive youngsters eager to observe the process up close and personal. Plus there was a great turnout at the individual artist table scattered along the refuge trails, and I unloaded some original artwork along with some tshirts, signing some books, plus a handful of greeting cards still left in stock from the last xmas season.
   Mostly it was nice to connect with friends and fans for a wonderful opportunity to show support - extra awesomeness on the part of the volunteers who staffed the gig and helped everything run smooth, which is always a challenge when it comes to herding cats + artists alike. And as always, thanks for coming out and supporting the Refuge.

Ta-daa: more on these particular panels + process in upcoming posts

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