Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Musher Garage"

Another in a short series of relatively complex scenarios depicting a twist on banal situations with which I have no end of familiarity with. Waiting rooms are rather like banishment to Limbo, or at the least a Purgatory.
In the original version I had Faux News on the tv screen, which injected too much politics into a benign panel - even through I subconsciously associate a monitor with Fox droning in the background of just about every waiting room. Usually then I either turn down the volume, change the channel or wait elsewhere, if not just walk out - so it was artistically analogous to just edit it away (and as with every other alternative image I experimented with, it wound up being to distracting). Also edited out a completely overkilling lens flare (as per J.J. Abrams), which in conjunction with the opacity setting for the background car tipped the panel a little too much into Photoshop-y territory, ie too aesthetically "slick.".

Note on the pencil stage the propensity to sketch right through objects - treating them as if they were transparent - so as to better enable a layering of elements and in turn project a slightly better illusion of a 3-dimensional space on a 2-dimensional sheet of Bristol. One reason to develop a little finesse with line weight, as in learn to not have a heavy hand when initially plotting out the compositional arrangement of visual elements is setting the stage for the actors + their props as it were. And it cuts down on the eraser shrapnel that, aside from crumpled up wads of paper + pencil shavings, are about the only byproduct of the process. That and a sketchbook full of doodles... ideas are everywhere.

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