Friday, December 12, 2014

Drawing to a Close

"I think the model needs a break"

   Another year, another semester, another set of relative successes and failures to file away. Really glad for all the support from friends, family and fans alike: it's humbling in perspective to realize the breadth and depth of connections shared with a community, both on-line and in person.

   Some days it’s super hard to keep it up, especially during those phases when everything you do doesn’t seem to work, and everything you try runs aground. It’s tough to remember to tell yourself that these are only setbacks: hitting speed-bumps doesn’t mean you pull over and shut the damn engine off and sulk. You should floor it and go even faster.

"Local Folks"

   To those ends I've been methodically culling the archives and colorizing works from over an eight-year span for an upcoming project where the gloves come off and I go all out on the funny business. Plus changing the masthead for the Nuggets feature so the fine-print reads "©2015" merits a look over the shoulder at the mounting mulch-pile of efforts done over a year's worth of ridiculous nonsense.
   Tomorrow's post is on one of my favorite pieces done in 2014, and Sunday's will be retrospective musings on one of the best classes ever.
   Stay "tooned."

15-minute demo from model

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