Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Trouble in the Sacred Grove"

"If we want to construct a healthy and resilient world for ourselves and our fellow creatures, we could do worse than look to the lowly beavers for hints on how it can be done. They build a vibrant world for themselves and so many others by weaving one small limb into another, stick by stick by stick." - Chip Ward
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Here's an excellent big-picture essay, "Why You Should Appreciate the Humble Beaver," on how ecologically crucial Castor canadensis is, and how the work of these "geoengineers" can literally save the environment which our own species seems hell-bent on destroying.

Incidentally this particular panel brought to a close the unprecedented outpouring of Castor canadensi-themed material that spanned over a couple months in the newspaper. At least could sorta  pace 'em out a little bit here on the blog - News-Miner readers must have been under the impression that I went dam nuts.
Well, more nuts than usual.

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