Friday, July 25, 2014

Art/Work: Freelance Isn't Free

Been thinking (again) a lot about the curious hesitancy of folks who invest an incredible amount of capital in basic infrastructure when starting a business. It's a given that construction, for example, will require significant money, and one never blinks at the requisite costs of say, plumbing, electricity, and other fundamental components. Designing a logo, however, and consequently supporting artists in the creative community, seems to be a subject which doesn't merit serious compensation, and is often treated as an afterthought. People think nothing of paying for the letterhead's envelope, the tshirt or signage said logo in emblazoned upon, much less arguing over the comparative fees that are incurred in the course of conducting normal business. Yet artwork on the other hand is oftentimes treated as something other than what is of equal importance - and arguably crucial facet when it comes to marketing and advertising. To say nothing of recognizing artistic effort as a legitimate craft and skill.

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