Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vignette: 2013 64th

   Another in a semesterly series of demos on sequential art: the juxtaposition of random, edited excerpts of text against sampled and remixed sections of inspirational artworks. This time the pieces were culled from the collection of pieces on display at the Fairbanks Arts Association's annual juried exhibition, the 64th Parallel while during a field trip. The verbage was lifted from the juror's statement, which, as usual, contained a veritable cornucopia of verbosity. Fitting enough given the source material, this exercise fits McCloud's category of "parallel" meanings in the relationship between the image and the text.
   This in-class exercise (see here and here for previous postings) can be either a tipping or a turning point for students to begin to let go of realistic depictions and creating art that makes sense. Takes a leap of faith to experiment and do something that doesn't necessarily have any reason or purpose other than making art. Like poetry and jazz,it's a process that might yield unimagined results that will mystify and delight a viewer, to say nothing of the artist themselves, and following an instinct (or conversely ignoring them) can at times make for wonderful and weird imagery and serendipitous happenstance.
   It was also a bonus meta-lesson in seeing firsthand and racked up against the wall underneath the works of Fine Art® on display in the gallery, how my student's work, in many cases, already demonstrated as much effort, insight and creativity than many of the pieces in the exhibition. Even if accidentally.
Other samples of comic art in the web-folio linked here.

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