Friday, May 23, 2014

Sampling + Remix (Landscape Exercise)


No, not hip-hop or rap per say, but some in-class exercises expanding on reference sketching and re-presenting simple compositions that are right on the tipping point of based on reality versus made-up. This is where abstraction can begin to sneak in - visual shorthand for places, people and objects - just enough lines to trigger a connection in the viewer's mind as to where, who or what is being depicted. Which in this instance is a hint of the Alaska Range: epic views of Mt. Hayes, Mt. Hess and Mt. Deborah beyond the Tanana Flats.


These were taken on yet another field-trip up to the top floor of the campus library (the Rasmusen), where we've already been to explore both beginning one-point linear perspective using the bookshelves for an exercise, and also an Alaskan version of a "master copy" from the Fred Machetanz lithographs on exhibit for a value study in shading techniques. What a great resource for inspiration - and we haven't even yet begun to crack open any books.


This quick + dirty demo done to display the qualities and aesthetic attributes that will come into play for their next critique piece, not coincidentally a view from a window that incorporates some elements of a landscape that is also (somewhat literally) framed in the foreground by using linear perspective.

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