Sunday, April 6, 2014

Notes To Self

   One of the peripheral characteristics of cartoonists is the proclivity to write lots and lots of little lines of text (noted earlier here before on such observations and habits with regards to cassette tapes).
   The epicenter of these continually drifting piles of notes is usually within the environment of the studio, corkboards festooned with clutter and endless sketchbook ephemera etc. Then there's the "virtual" mulch-piles of endless lists of bookmarked websites + collected JPGS (compounded by flocks of stickynotes wallpapering the fringes of said computer), various windows & folders left out and open to visually remind me that I need to at some point look at/attend to their contents. Now while I'm talking about might be mainly the stuff that gets scribbled down on scrap paper - but what piles up in the brain is truly frightening in comparison.
   Pocket guides to the day contain the infinite revisions done for daily classroom activity rosters, which despite all my best intentions wind up resembling a football play-by-play instead of a logical flowchart of events and activities. I guess that's the essence of creativity: being able to flex and bend with each new factor or consideration. Another reason my brain patterns probably would more closely resemble a thicket of alders as opposed to a more staid, scholarly oak tree.

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