Sunday, April 27, 2014


   While attending a group training session, each of us in the room were asked to draw a picture of "how we see ourselves." All I could come up with on the spot was an image from that very same morning. Shit happens... sometimes right in front of our very eyes.
   Or alternately, right underneath us. Another local spring ritual just toppled with the tipping of the Nenana Ice Classic tripod, netting the jackpot winners a cut of over a record $350k. Personally I lost out on a pool of $5 when a far more important threshold was breached....

   Essentially the Classic is state-sanctioned betting pool on when the ice goes out on a major Interior Alaskan river, heralding a windfall for the lucky prognosticators. On par with a divining rod, residents who try and calculate the mathematical spread of their statistical chances might first consider that the iconic tripod itself has technically nine supports, thus is an ennead, or perhaps more accurately described as an enneapod.

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  1. I will sometimes say, after a particularly comprehensive morning colon-blow, "Wow, I just about had to climb down off that one." In the case of an outhouse it could be true.

    In case you're wondering, I do say it to deflect criticism of how long I might have been absent from public view. The best defense is grossing out your critics.