Monday, February 10, 2014

PS: Poster SIgning Follow-up

All I can say is wow after an awesome time down at Forget-Me-Not Books for the Literacy Council of Alaska benefit last Friday. I through it would be a good day (from 12noon - 6pm) to get some work done on the side, interspersed with an occasional poster signing. So I packed along some blank sheets of Bristol to work up doodles in the sketchbook, and some penciled pieces to ink up, and even a few finished pages to knock out some watercolor washes on.

Great people, great place and a great cause.

Good thing, as there turned out to be a steady influx of folks - quite the crowd a couple times - who hung out around the table to observe the on-going demonstrations, and had lots of questions about cartooning. So to have actual works-in-progress on hand was a bonus to supplement the day as groups came through as part of the Family Day festivities (kids got a free book too). Even had a lot of suggestions for funny pictures and ideas from some pretty smart youngsters - here's hoping I inspired a pack of aspiring talents to replace me in the near future.

Puppy fix!

A super-big thank-you to the friends and fans that came by: we raised several hundred dollars, and just as importantly many people visited this treasure of a resource in our community for the very first time, and got to check out the hive of activity and warren of classrooms that the fantastic staff and army of volunteers use to instill a love of learning and passion for reading. It's a special place doing wonderful things.

Special thanks to The Other Paw Assistance Dogs and Phineas who provided a much-needed break for warm fuzzies, The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner for the prints, Date-Line Digital for the emergency bags, and everyone at the Literacy Council of Alaska and Forget-Me-Not Books.

Eventually everything became a blur...

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