Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Polar Vortex"

... otherwise known up around these parts as normal winter weather. "Polar vortex," the new buzzword being used to describe the blast of arctic air that recently jerked the chain of the United States, has gotten pretty well flogged to death.

Cause > Effect

The best part about it all was the ever-entertaining Limbaugh actually advancing a conspiracy theory about the event. No, really... he did.

Anyways, I would have had more sympathy - as opposed to empathy - for folks, friends and family experiencing this anomaly but for a coupla key points:
1) after their little speed-bump it warmed right back up, whereas we have another half a year. Not to mention other places actually get four seasons, like, say, spring.
And 2) think that was cold? Okay, now go outside and try dropping your pants.

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