Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Alaskan Opthalmology"

     I'm (sort-of) wearing the first pair of glasses I've ever had, at least since the early grade-school days of coke-bottle goggles. Being nearsighted - in one eye - means that driving at night or fatigued can be a bit blurry but seeing as how most of my life is spent a couple feet away from either a book, drawing table or monitor, it's been a non-issue. Excepting this last time trying to renew the driver's license.
     Anyone who's had any experience driving on Alaskan roads can certainly attest to the inevitability of an impacted windshield. And we've been witnessing the steady creep of a crack across The Significant Otter's truck all year, and it's dead-on with my POV.

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