Saturday, January 11, 2014

"READ BOOKS: Learn About the Trail Ahead" (Pencil sketch)

The Literacy Council of Alaska’s 22nd Annual Biz Bee is scheduled for February 20th – it will take place on a Thursday evening starting at 7pm in the Westmark’s Goldroom.
Sponsored by the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner it is the “signature community event” for this vital non-profit agency. Since the Biz Bee first started, it’s been the primary fund-raiser for the Literacy Council of Alaska: over $400k in donations to date have been raised through this single venue. Last year they had nearly 300 volunteers serve over a whopping 16,000 hours to help “change lives through literacy. “

Besides the main event, the spelling bee, there will be a silent auction as well, featuring many works of art – including the original panel (pen + ink/watercolor) for this cartoon.

Call 456-6212 for more information, or visit the Literacy Council of Alaska’s website to sign up and get registration forms, or stop by in person downtown at 517 Gaffeny Road ... maybe browse through the Forget-Me-Not Books while you're visiting!

What I truly love about drawing is when you get an idea, and then while sketching it out, gradually everything starts to just click into place and you wind up just getting super excited about actually doing the piece. One fun little aside was coming up with what the cover of the book should be: leaning towards one by an influential author, Farely Mowat's "The Dog Who Wouldn't Be"- sure there are any number of better-known titles by him, but that one in particular has always remained a personal childhood favorite.

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