Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sub-zero Amusements

We all underwent another deep cold-snap up here in the Interior, and as usual it provided much fodder for the funnies. Never fails to inspire, if not at least make you wonder what on earth is wrong with us. Not that there's anything wrong with us, mind you - it's everybody else that's weird. Yeah. The one thing I learned after our little bungee-cord experience to the Outside and back again was the truism that living here sure does ruin you for living anywhere else.

Via the National Weather Service came this little gem on Weather Underground:
Special Statement: 645 am akst Thu Dec 26 2013
A very cold air mass lies over the interior of Alaska with temperatures between 35 below and 55 below this morning. Ice fog is occurring in many locations. Very cold temperatures and areas of ice fog are expected to remain through Friday.
Some low temperatures this morning in the interior...
Fairbanks 40 below
ft Wainwright 44 below
Eielson AFB 44 below
Nenana 45 below
ft Greely main Post 50 below
Tok 54 below
Northway 48 below
Denali park 38 below
ft Yukon 44 below
Bettles 45 below
Galena 40 below
McGrath 37 below
Eagle 50 below

Image: Stephanie

Hey - just like my birthday: "forty-something below." Buncha folks snapped a picture of the iconic time + temp sign at the bottom of UAF's campus when it tipped into the Celsius and Fahrenheit converge point of -40°. Our cabin is just about a mile down the road, and for Xmas dinner we migrated to a friend's place way up on Moose Mountain for a prime rib dinner, and tailgated outside as it was "only" -13° there. Woo-hoo.

And then there's those little things: seriously thinking about installing a block heater + battery blanket on my Epson scanner:. one reason why cartoonists don't do "En plein air," at least not around this neck of the woods. Okay screw it, I'm setting it on fire.

One silver lining was having a friend who really does play the pipes, which gave an unprecedented opportunity for a special, one-time-only gag. Which I promised him to never, ever do again.

The fine print here reads: "Feels like -25" - so one whole tenth of a degree warmer than the actual temperature. Now my question is who the hell comes up with this stuff? Some old-timer whose sole job it is to step out on the porch every so often and gauge the relative impression of how it really "feels?"
Well, we're about ready to take the plunge into another year... will be having a round-up of reviews coming over the next few weeks with some catch-up posting of odds + ends (mostly odds). Everybody be safe, stay warm & well!

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