Sunday, November 10, 2013

Diffee's "Idea Factory" + Cartoon Podcasts

Via comes a couple great, informative videos - added to the YouTube cartooning channel - featuring the New Yorker’s Matt Diffee. One is from the interview “Forbes SXSW: New Yorker Cartoonist's Low-Tech World“ and the second (direct link here) is “Matt Diffee on How to Be an Idea Factory." Includes the best. answer. ever to the #1 question asked of cartoonists: "We think of 'em."
Among Diffee’s pieces of advice for aspiring creative people is this aphorism: “Be like a mother sea turtle.” By that he means lay a hundred conceptual eggs in the sand, then swim off and don’t fret over what becomes of them. Most of them will never hatch; most of the hatchlings will get eaten by predators. That’s not your problem. Your task is just to keep laying eggs.” - Forbes

Also another avenue has opened with The Beat now putting out "More to Come" podcasts via Publisher's Weekly (link here).

And I'll have some really spiffy news this upcoming weekend related to podcasting comics - stay 'tooned!

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