Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Photo: Dead Rose Studios

A former student and exceptionally talented artist from the very first Cartoon & Comic Art course has really taken off in a wonderful, weird way with her mask-making venture: PlatyMorph. Check out Jolene Schafer's website + Etsy shop for some more wild & whimsical creations. I think I need me a beaver mask!


  1. Aha! Jamie I just saw this! You are amazing, thank you for putting this up :) I will design a fine beaver mask for you soon, as long as I get some good beaver action shots in return :3

  2. Right back atcha - been a real tail-slap to see you and your work take root and grow, even if it's not in Alaska: happy tails, I mean trails... no worries/no hurries on a mask, that'd be SWEET!