Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BOO... Zombeavers!

In the spirit of the season, a bonus post in honor of Halloween. What better visage of horror than my face smushed up against a xerox and rendered in charcoal (demo piece for a subtractive exercise).

Where's Leslie Nielsen when you need him...

But wait - the best news ever to necessitate a Castor canadensis post: "Zombeaver" is a go. Yes, a feature film (and a poster-child for the "microbudget" aspect of the endeavor) is in the works for the ultimate in semi-aquatic horror. Interesting side-note about the trailer: it was assembled entirely from pre-existing footage.

STOKED: if there ever was a film destined for IMAX 3D this is it.... Hat-tip to Chris @ It Come To Me In A Vision for the tails-up.

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