Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Osher: More Than Just a Class About Comic Books!

A very special welcome to the students at this morning's class that I had the pleasure of speaking to as a guest of local comics enthusiast Greg Hill for his "More Than Just a Comic Book" course. This lecture series is presented through the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Osher Lifelong Institute, and it was a great full class of almost thirty attentive and enthusiastic folks, most of which stayed even though my unbridled enthusiasm resulted in going over the class time an extra fifteen minutes. Believe me - the challenge of culling through and distilling the thousand-five-hundred-odd images I use in my normal Cartoon & Comic Art course into a 45-minute/fifty slide show & tell was almost as daunting a challenge as creating the Overflow XXV lecture. That said the students are in for a real treat as I got a peek at Greg's syllabus and his remaining series of classes looks to be a fantastic and unique educational experience:
Graphic literature, the fusion of text with illustrative art, is an art form unto itself and spans everything from single-frame cartoons to animated films. There will be an historical overview of how sequential art evolved from comic strips to comic books to graphic novels to manga. We will meet some of the greatest creators of these works and explore what makes good graphic literature effective. We'll also look at a wide variety of classics of the genre, visit Noel Wien Library's excellent collection, and have fun doing it.
Instructor Greg Hill was the FNSB Public Library Director for 23 years and has a particular passion for Uncle Scrooge, who got his fortune in Dawson during the Klondike Rush.
Thanks again Greg & class!

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