Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Sharing Lynx"

See, maybe if Apple (preferably) or for that matter any other computer company wants to see their corporate logo on the laptops, I'll get some sorely needed upgrades. But what with such really bad taste in dumb gags like this, I should stick with a chewed-up pencil and the back of a diner menu.

Speaking of sharing links, besides the hundreds of blogs I follow (fortunately subscribing via Blogger so as to catch posts from the small percentage that are regularly updated) and the stream of Facebook feeds from friends, and the links to cartoon-related sites over on the Ink & Snow sidebar, there are a handful of bookmarked websites across my browser window’s menu bar I peruse on a daily basis:
the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner for local items of topical interest + Al Jazeera, CBC and the BBC for the rest of the world; Daily Kos; Boing Boing; Pharyngula; FARK; Alternet; The Raw Story; Mother Jones; Truthdig; Common Dreams; Grist etc. Weekly I try and catch Laughing Squid; Neatorama; Juxtapoz; i09; Explore; Colossal; Wired etc. And there are a host of other sites - which I won't link to here - that I lurk through to reduce the echo-chamber effect of solipsist browsing (helps to check out another perspective every so often). The Huffington Post I save exclusively for reading in the outhouse with the iPhone - more about that particular aggregator in an an upcoming rant.

Any other suggestions?

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