Monday, August 19, 2013

iFunny: Not Laughing

On the left: creative genius. On the right: the work of a thief.

Basically as far as I can tell they (iFunny) have created an app to easier facilitate ripping people off, so "create your own fun" means in other words "if you have no talent whatsoever hack other people's skill and imagination instead." Once again the work of Mighty Wombat is so good that these talentless tapeworms feel the need to not only strip off his name and copyright but have no shame about pasting in their own instead. Truly a shitty thing to do, but also works as a way to identify these cheap hacks. If these folks had anything in their own pathetic lives that they valued or had any creative worth at all then perhaps they'd empathize, but that also assumes cognitive awareness.
Also George Takei should maybe not try so hard to be funny all the time as maybe then he'd be able to expend a minimum amount of effort in better researching who he's helping to rip off.

At least ticks give something back

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