Friday, August 16, 2013

Drawing: Summer Session 2013

Hands-down the best class ever.

We here at Ink & Snow are taking the weekend off on a sort of limited hiatus: after a hectic season of 10-hour days all week on campus + juggling freelance + the funny papers + the exhibition I'm a wee bit burnt out... so here's a series of spotlight posts featuring the work of some fabulous students!

One really weird thing I noticed was knowing exactly whose hands those were (posted above) without seeing anything else including their names... just goes to show what's really important in a drawing class.

So check out the sampling of select student pieces on display at the new series of Imgur portfolio albums: this summer I extended the mandatory establishment of a web-presence from the Intermediate students to also include the Beginners. 

All around a very satisfactory session - what with low enrollment it afforded me the chance to be far more hands-on compared to the usual class size of twice as many folks. Increasing the student/teacher ratio is a great opportunity to shift into more of a mentorship role, and the results spoke for themselves.

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