Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cartoon & Comic Art: Summer 2013

The Cartoon & Comic Art course is being offered again - for the seventh year - at UAF's Summer Sessions - for the second six-week session (registration info here). Art F195 Cartooning & Comic Art I (CRN 53489) and Art F395 Cartooning & Comic Art II (CRN 53490) will be from July 8 – August 16, 2013 at 6 - 9pm MTWR. It's offered in the evening so as to broaden the reach into the off-campus community/non-traditional/non-degree-seeking students (along with art majors looking to pick up an upper-level elective). And it's during the short summer session because there's simply nothing better than working an eight-hour day during the only two months of nice weather and then drawing cartoons for the rest of the night.

Been accruing an esteemed list of alum and local luminaries plus their respective testimonials (after the jump):

“Taking this class is like riding a Uni-bear on a rainbow of epic. But seriously. Where else can you take a class on drawing CARTOONS? Nowhere, that's what. And Jamie makes summer classes fun.”H.F.

“I highly recommend this course!!!!! Not only is Jamie super fun and chill, he is extremely well grounded in this field, and you leave feeling inspired and enlightened. READ: He knows his sh't. And not just the history and roots of this field--he knows how to TEACH art and drawing foundations as well. To this day I still rely on so many aspects of drawing learned and retained from this course alone. Do it. Sign up already...”
- B.R.

"Comics is generally a solitary pursuit, and deciding to make comics in Alaska is to pursue isolation among the isolated. Thankfully, however, we have Jamie. Through this class, Jamie not only provides solid artistic instruction and a deep knowledge of comics history and practice, but also a community. Jamie's obvious passion for the form has made him the hub of a sprawling group of Alaskan cartoonists into which students of this class are immediately inducted. So sign up, and we'll see you in the pages!”C.G.

"Jamie Smith taught me during a summer course YEARS ago. And his enthusiasm, talent, and energy really solidified that I wanted to draw comics as a professional (whatever that means). I've gone on to get my degree in Comic Arts at Minneapolis College Of Art and Design. My first real published graphic novel will be out this fall! I wouldn't be where I am at all without Jamie's encouragement.”A.B.

“This course is fantastic! I was there for the inaugural year (2005!), and I left every class feeling energized and excited and eager to draw more. The depth and breadth of material that Jamie manages to pack into the course is really impressive, and he is wonderful at encouraging and mentoring budding artists. Some of the class assignments helped me develop characters that later became the protagonists of my graphic novel Freebird. ALL the thumbs up!”L.L.

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