Saturday, March 16, 2013

Break-time: Free Coffee

... well, rumor has it not for much longer. But still one of my long-time favorite camping spots that sometimes doubles as an extended office space (hat-tip + homage to the tolerant new owners). This doodle, based on the Gulliver's Books logo, was done while waiting to meet with a client, using coffee, of course, for the tint. One of the Lessons of Life learned from art is to capitalize on accidents, or put another way, there's no use crying over spilled anything when you've got a brush in your hand.
Also this is a stopgap doodle to fill in a blank spot on the blogging schedule brought about as a result of getting off-synch with the real world, ie panels are supposed to run in print first before making their way on-line. And besides, -20°F temps and a driveway in serious need of plowing aside, it's supposed to be "Spring Break."

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