Friday, October 19, 2012

KUAC 50th Anniversary

The folks at our public broadcasting station here in Fairbanks picked one of my panels "Public Broadcasting" to adorn their anniversary tshirts commemorating five decades of being on the air in Interior Alaska. This particular design was a runner-up submission to an annual poster competition years ago, and a copy of the version that ran in the newspaper got enshrined up on a corkboard in someone's cubicle. A few modifications and it was customized for the client, and now public radio pledgers throughout the community can sport a spiffy tshirt while proclaiming their support for local media.

Here's to the talents of all the awesome hosts who have turned me on to so much good tunage through their diverse programs, and have for years provided a soundtrack to many long nights in the cabin while working on my art. Also the best news and talk shows in the state (consider making a donation here).

"Celebrate 50 years of public broadcasting in Alaska during KUAC’s FM Fall Fundraiser, Saturday, Oct. 13th through Sunday, Oct. 21st. Make a gift online at, or call 907-474-5822 or 800-474-5822!"

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