Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nipping Out: Censoring the Funnies


This is just too funny not to repost: The New Yorker magazine got...

temporarily banned from Facebook for violating their community standards on “Nudity and Sex”
 ...because of a cartoon. Read the entire "Nipplegate" article here for more.


Meanwhile, much more serious events unfold in India with cartoonist Aseem Trivedi being arrested and charged with sedition as a result of his work criticizing the government. So much for the "world's biggest democracy." While no doubt there are many politicians in America that would rub their hands in glee at the prospect of incarcerating critics, we fortunately have systemic apathy that neuters any such messiness before it sees print. Trivedi's website "Cartoons Against Corruption" is now being hosted by Blogger at this site. (Update: released).

Perspective: it all comes down to a matter of interpretation, as Mitch O'Connell displays with his collection of classics over at "Sex in Comics." I haven't laughed this hard at cartoons in a long time - out of context and inadvertent innuendo is often funnier than the real thing.


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