Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mail-Order: Landon Cartooning

Watched a great documentary on Charles N. Landon's "mail-order correspondence course that trained a generation of leading syndicated cartoonists in drawing for publication." Direct link to Landon video here, and my You Tube channels for Cartooning and Editorial Cartooning.

Popular Mechanics Magazine, Sept 1925

Landon was the Art Director for the 1902 precursor to United Media, the Newspaper Enterprise Association, and in 1909 he founded a school in Cleveland from which he culled the top talented students for publication.

Popular Science, April 1920 (hat-tip Figure Drawing blog)

Many of these creators are counted amongst the pantheon of cartooning greats: Carl Barks, Gladys Parker (Mopsy), Roy Crane (Wash Tubbs/Buz Sawyer), Milton Caniff (Terry and the Pirates/Steve Canyon), Gil Fox, Bill Mauldin, and “the nation’s first full-time female editorial cartoonist,” Edwina Dunn (more here).

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