Saturday, August 11, 2012

Manually Posting

Jotted down after reading a post at The Daily Cartoonist, which reposts an entry from Tina's Groove on one of my pet peeves. So anyways, nevermind: as it turns out I had to clean the text up digitally anyways so as to ensure legibility (serving as an illustration of the difference between writing as opposed to lettering). While the irony isn't lost on me, the point still stands, man. And just to emphasize that, I'll go ahead and print out this post and then go staple it up somewhere.


  1. I mix up my lettering -- sometimes it's by hand, sometimes it's by computer. I think my hand-lettering is more effective. If you see typesetting on my cartoons, it's often because I tried to take a shortcut on my hand-lettering and screwed it up.

  2. My theory is we're of the generation that used to have to make these things called "mix tapes" and as a result of which could print a band's name and the title of a song on one of those little inserts for the cassette box.
    Just a theory.