Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Firing Blanks"

The backstory behind this particular panel was that it was drawn in response to a shooting that occurred way back in early April, when a gunman opened fire at a Christian university in California. An acquaintance then posted the "Dear God" witticism as an attempt to provide a sort of snarky solution to the situation. I left a comment in the ensuing thread that said "With all due respect, there are probably a number of victims of other church-shootings who might look at things from a different perspective." I was being polite, because cause-and-effect idiocy from Hallmark-caliber platitudes like this tend to obfuscate, not educate. Not unlike some cartoons. However it does point up the Impotent Omnipotence and lack of any force-field from the woo.

Trouble was, the panel was ambiguous enough that some might would miss the irony and interpret it as being gun(g)-ho. From my POV I see it as an inevitable end result of recent legislative efforts from those who wish they could pack heat everywhere they go. Which would really make everything so much better. So the panel fell through the cracks, but I dug it up in the mulch-pile of drafts as - given the apparent wave of recent tragedies - it unfortunately still has bearing on these awful situations. Now comes this Texas A&M tragedy. And there will be another inevitable chorus of folks (ignorant assholes and idiots alike) who will claim that these shootings would be mitigated to some degree, if not outright prevented, if only there had been armed individuals amongst the targeted victims or bystanding citizens. 

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