Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Slob Hunters"

This panels stemmed from the previous editorial about idiots and bears: but as opposed to ignorance and simple stupidity, there's another class of people who deliberately go out of their way to court potentially fatal encounters. Not just hunters,  I include trekkers like myself, and so wouldn't expect an ounce of sympathy in the event of an "accident." Many a time I've had the phrase "he died doing what he loved best" come to mind while wondering just how in the hell did I manage to wind up in yet another situation that I might not make it out of. Can't argue the perspective of anyone who would shake their heads and say "he got what he asked for," even if I don't entertain the concept of some universal, karmic score-card. If there is one, the human race owes.

Case in point being the exploits of a recent Interior hunter who got a wakeup call as to not only personal mortality, but maybe a reminder of said just desserts. Humans have a big, fat thumb on the overall scale of justice when it comes to which side has the advantage (numerically and technologically), and I find it real hard to muster any compassion for any such supposed "victims."

Then there's that certain subset of "hunters" who are real scum, giving other outdoor enthusiasts a black eye and a bad reputation, and who daresay deserve everything they have coming to them. Then again, I'm the guy who's working on an unauthorized reboot of Smokey the Bear: a more contemporary version, sporting acid-washed denim, who gets the point across by mauling litterbugs and smokers.


  1. I left my own version of Woodsy Owl under the plexiglass of a hut information board in the White Mountains after spending about an hour cleaning up the litter in and around it. Woodsy was saying something a lot harsher than "Give a hoot, don't pollute." I shoved it far enough in that it managed to stay for a couple of years before the Forest Service did maintenance on the hut and cleaned up the board. Alas, I did not make a copy for myself, since it was done in my field sketch book and left at the scene.

  2. I think Woodsy is sitting around a retirement home with Ranger Rick, both complaining about Smokey's success.