Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Post-Script: Hack Job V.2

Image from: The Oatmeal
A long-simmering dispute between a cartoonist and an unscrupulous content aggregator has escalated into truly ridiculous proportions, which dovetails perfectly with an earlier post about websites ripping off cartoons: via Boing-Boing comes the case of Funnyjunk being called on their unethical behavior by Matthew Inman, whose comic "The Oatmeal" is one of the many works that Funnyjunk profits from advertising off of. This apparently including the astonishing audacity to copyright it's own pages which featured Inman's cartoons - that had Photoshopped out the original creator's credit line/url tag. See more backstory here and here.
*Update: the $20k goal of raising funds to match and reapportion the legal blackmail of Funnyjunk has now been eclipsed to donations of over $100k.

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