Friday, May 25, 2012

"Dumb Animals"

Only one of these potentially dangerous species of animal should have it's population controlled.

   Based on a short-lived viral video that was swiftly piled upon by You-Tube viewers who called out yet another ignorant tourist intent on getting their coveted "money shot." Hours after the screen-grab seen below was taken, the "dislikes" and avalanche of negative comments went through the roof, and the video was consequently yanked as "private." Quite rightly the creator of said video should be ashamed of such a public display of jaw-dropping, irresponsible stupidity.
   Unfortunately the only real victims of such situations are the bears, and it invariably results in the eventual destruction of the animal, if not injury to other people. Having had many encounters with bears while hiking in the White Mountains, the Wrangells and Denali State Park, I know firsthand how fast a grizzly can charge, something which these idiots haven't the faintest idea about while they indulge in their eco-porn. Contrary to the glossy brochures, Alaska is not a petting zoo.

*Update: Congratulations - chalk up another casualty (and scratch off that part about "no animals were harmed").

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