Friday, April 27, 2012

"Organic Accupuncture"

Inspired in part by the recent Valentine's Day card, this was penciled and inked as a demo for the SERC gig. As evidenced by the accompanying doodle, and a hastily corrected version of the finished panel, there is no spellcheck for cartoonists other than an editor, which unfortunately always happens afterwards. Luckily I was perusing another blog  checking out a great webcomic dealing with this issue (also been reading another related Alaskan blog "Uphill Both Ways in the Snow"), which in turn had been linked to by a post at Pharyngula, where the nonsense of needles is frequently and pointedly exposed.


  1. Ha- I rescued Kelley from a porcupine she wanted to play with- though it was a dog I guess

  2. Yowch - close call: there have been some pups in my past that needed sessions with vice-grips and visits to the vet. In fact I have a cartoon about that penciled up in the sketchbook... something about a needle in a haystack.