Monday, April 23, 2012

Misc. Alaskana (Pics)

Rush-hour in downtown Palmer, USA

Went north to Fairbanks over the weekend so as to cull a few crucial items from outta storage (like having something to sleep on, sit on + eat with etc. is always a bonus). Caught some spectacular weather en route, and consequently took the opportunity to play around with the Automate>Photomerge function in Photoshop for some spiffy pan-o-ramas. Not to mention experiment with the new Blogger website layout that was just launched - so far so good, it's clean and intuitive.

Alaska Range

Still trying to compile and edit images from the road trip (here's a bonus sneak preview), but uploaded a few more in the new Picasa gallery "Alaskana" that'll serve as a repository for all the random snapshots from around Alaska (kinda like the Maine and Savannah ones, but everything's bigger). 

It's been a total blast being a poseur tourist all over again, and while it'll get jaded soon enough, the experience is like falling in love all over again. Great to be back home and amongst friends, seeing wonderful folks and fantastic vistas.

Turnagain Arm (Cook Inlet)


  1. Wow, that Cook Inlet photo is breathtaking.

  2. Thanks! It's a tough drive trying to keep one's eyes upon that notorious stretch of road (Seward Highway). It's prudent to just add an extra hour to travel time to account for extended pull-overs.

  3. Oh yeah, ditto on the breathtaking comment!