Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Primal Power"

I briefly alluded to the influence my hiatus in coastal community will have on the regular Nuggets feature, in that a brand-new element has been added to the cartoon mulch-pile. This expanded repertoire opens up gag settings into a different environment than that of Interior Alaska.

This particular panel reminded me of the many submission packets I had sent to several South East Alaska newspapers years ago while making an annual push for self-syndication. One of the pitfalls I encountered was making fun of topics that, within the context or locale of the target audience, weren't all that funny. Specifically, drowning is a subject that is, if not affecting them personally, than still to many folks in that area it's a taboo subject.

Even my brief experience with Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene and the subsequent stint as a Ranger on crowd-control duty keeping folks off the rocks, sensitized me to the reality of tragedy that is very real for coastal residents. So I was fortunate to have the opportunity to address the more serious side of this topic with one of my internship illustrations: never turn your back on the ocean!

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