Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Beehive (Bonus Hike)

The Beehive + Champlain Mountain

No really, I swear that this is the last time. Honest. 
Had a couple spare hours early this morning to squeeze in one more trail, especially since we scored another day of record-breaking temperatures with a clear, blue sky above. I explored one of the more popular spots on the island, just off the open section of the Park Loop Road with the trailhead located right across from Sand Beach. 

Otter Point + Gorham Mountain (view from The Beehive)

The Beehive is a prominent landmark that always seemed to make it into the background of many a shot from that area, and I had bypassed this particular loop once while on a splendid thru-hike of Gorham and Champlain Mountains last season.

Pan-O-Rama: Cadillac>Dorr>Champlain Mountains

Normally a congested area of Acadia, the place was deserted and quiet, and I spent about an hour monkeying around the iron rungs on the cliffside scramble up a 500' elevation gain. Caught a nice breeze up on top while cooling down and taking in the panoramic view.

Sand Beach surf

Afterwards there was enough time to stroll across the beach and then a short, sweet little hike up over and around Great Head, so as to get a different perspective on the morning's climb. A half hour was devoted to hanging out on a secluded oceanside cliff, looking out over the Atlantic, listening to the waves below, and loving all the awesome memories I'll have of this wonderful place.

Great Head: view of Sand Beach + The Beehive

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