Friday, March 2, 2012

Barrier (to) Contraception

Wrap That Rascal! In an obvious pitch for the Republican vice-presidential nomination behind Santorum, conservative centerfold model Rush Limbaugh has been publicly insulting women who use birth control as being "sluts," "prostitutes," having "boyfriends lined up around the block," and calling for pornographic videos of their sexual activities in exchange for providing them with contraceptives. If only we could employ the most current method of birth control popular amongst this crowd, which is for women to hold an aspirin between their knees... except in this case it would be held instead between their lips, so as to prevent them from spreading.

While many are calling for a boycott of Limbaugh's sponsors (which is starting to work in a handful of cases) true change begins at home: better yet to target the notorious Clear Channel corporation's metastasized outbreaks in Alaska - the radio stations KFBX 970-AM in Fairbanks and KENI 650-AM in Anchorage - who profit from pimping ugly shit like this while polluting the airwaves. Personally I try and make it a habit to turn right around and walk out of any business that has stations like those, or FOX, playing in the background, as it's generally a good sign that their work will be incompetent at best. 

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