Sunday, March 4, 2012

"The (Alaskan) One Percent"

One reasons insolent cats will never waltz through a dog-yard. Especially this one seeing as how someone forgot to draw any collars or chains. After stripping off the masthead and border this panel became an editorial instead. 
Plus it will be nice to return to a land where the dog-houses and trees look normal familiar.


  1. Does this mean you are leaving us for Alaska? Being a bit older i remember when everyone's dog just ran free about the neighborhood.

  2. That's be one reason my cats have always been lynx-sized beasts, as being partially outdoor pets and having to contend against various other critters out in the woods (esp. neighborhood dogs).
    And I'm outta here end of April - though soon as I get rich & famous I'll do everything ass-backwards (as usual) and buy a "winter home" in Maine so I can migrate South (relatively speaking) for the Alaskan winter.